Monday, November 19, 2007

Drama - QURAN BUROK should have seen it. It was in Astro and it was really good too. Its about the people in one kampong. I talked about it to one of my good friend and told my friend that drama is just sharing people about keadaan us as masyarakat in this world and in the kampong life. Not only the dunia di bandar but also in kampong.

Amazing jua hidup di kampong pun ada scandals. Really in that drama, i tell you the imam's wife having an affair with her old fling which she bore his child but married to that imam. I would like to know what it meant by Quran Burok atu. And how did the wife have an affair atu? Well... banyak berua nya and people nampak and told the imam but unfortunately the imam thought it was just rumours. For more, you got to watch it.

That was simply a reality of life and kalau kan sadar... sadar tah dengan dunia sekarang ani. Adoi... scary nya. Not all like that, but it is not impossible.

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