Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Shukriz - Artist of the month November 2007

1st Pose

2nd Pose

Very interesting again. And i guess this is the second time i did the interview. The first one was quite a while already. And now.. well getting very interesting. Actually kami laugh inda beranti, coz Shukriz very funny lah you. Fun.... Ada the first part where he have to introduce himself, haa..a.a.... i laugh ani bah..... Cuba tah.... "terima kasih anu...pelangi.... and ....". Atu ya. I ask him... apa tu anu pelangi???

Anyway, great artist, fun and peramah. Actually ada lagi sorang there with us, but of course lah low profil.. "mengayam bini??", yeah.. but this is the only artist i've interviewed that speak pure melayu language. Seriously.. "apaendah"... i mean that is so original. I only hear that when i am with my family with orang-orang tua kitani lah....

Congrats!!!! to Shukriz again for the upcoming 2nd Album. With a great composer and a great singer, Welldone guys!! I have fun today.

Been busy all day today. I send my car to workshop and be ready tomorrow..Yahooooooo.... To be in an accident is a Its not that bad lah on my car, nothing yang parah, but sedih jua kan tu. Inda pernah pernah....

Anyway, i am very lonely lah. Got to catch up reading some chapter in my Dracul book... he.e..e

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