Sunday, November 4, 2007


"i wish you hear me now. What my heart have to say. I hate the word 'sorry' for this moment. I really hate it. I wish you kow how i felt now. But you just don't get it. What is sorry if you don't meant it? What is it with you and the word 'sorry'? I am confused what is really sorry and i just don't know what it meant. It's so disfunctional. Just for this moment i really hate the situation. I HATE IT!!!!!!"... cried from a lonely heart.

Hey I'm tuning to Andrea Louise "heartsong'. I just can't seem to find words for the right things to say, but through the lyrics of songs, i felt like its there. Yes.. i guess i have to let my spirit out, and just be what i am for who i am. Oh well...

Tomorrow will be another day for me. And work in the early morning shift. Yeah... Yeah right... Will be working with Iril. So this coming week will be a week for me. Don't know what my plan for this week.

Oh, i went to Serasa beach this afternoon, well...well....well... what really happen? The sampah just everywhere bejurit ani bah. So dirty. And when i look for the tong sampah, ada but not a lot. And only sampai di Komplex sport serasa atu saja. After that, nada lagi. Very scarry the place if you see it. I will post the picture a bit later.

Very memalukan eh, i told my friends all over the world, Brunei have a beautiful beach. So when i ke sana SERASA saja, well...well... somebody got to do something about that. Where is our BEAUTIFUL BEACH?

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