Thursday, November 1, 2007

Cerita Dalam Mimpi

I woke up early this morning. In fact i was actually waited for my alarm clock to ring. I panik, and went outside to get my watch. It was few more minutes before i was set to hear it rang. How's that. I went back to sleep just for 10 mins and i have a bad dream. That quick hah....


Pst. Dalam mimpi, i went to visit my friend, a very close friend, but in that dream she was with her sisters and everyone have a different hobby. Lain-lain collectionnya dorang atu. I was with another friend in that dream visiting my friend atu. And my close friend ani show me biji-biji buah papaya. Then she tanya me, if i want? I said ok, kalau ia mau bebuah. So she gave to me the biji-biji papaya and i kept it. Sekali i told my friend we wanted to visit our other friend, then she told me she passed away dah. I was tekejut lah. So she said sampat me still see the body in one place she mention. Suddenly like magic, i was standing there dalam bilik mayat and i was with my friend. I took a picture rah ibu jari kakinya ada that piece of paper. So lapas atu, kan bejalan keluar and suddenly the hand of the mayat atu grab my right hand and bangun. She wanted to tell me something but i can't hear because i wanted to open my eyes... But in that dream i ran and suddenly i dalam my living room on the first floor of my house and i tried to switch on the light, but all the lights suddenly inda mau on.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Huh... that was the dream.... When i tebangun, i was nervous lah to open the door and to switch on the light. Takut ku ada benda atu di luar. Gosh!!!!

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