Sunday, November 18, 2007

something evil

Saturday 17.11.07 @1.30am

.. had a bad dream. Crazy jua what dream can do to you ah. Well, my loud screamed woke me up and i was out of breath. Ceritanya, i parked my car at this parking lot. Ada jua a few cars there but a bit 5 min walk to the building that i wanted to go. Immediately bila i park my car, i opened my door, and there this entah apa, a black shadow not that big jua grab me from my face. Its air i know, and its not human. Like evil thing wearing a long black hooded kain covered all over it. That remind me in that dream itself about what my girlfriend yang commit suicide atu told me yang she saw this black ugly shadows were waiting for her. And that she cried whole night not wanting to die, but it was a little too late for her to regret it kan....

So anyway, in my dream at that saat jua i was thinking about that, and i fight fiercely to freed myself from it. Gila and really crazy, like i can feel it macam banar-banar terjadi in reality sampai i was actually screaming and struggling supaya that thing lapas kan me. Uh... atu baru mimpi. I thought it be ok to fight it then to let that evil thing kill me softly in its arm. Scary berabiz. Seriously.. i woke up and went outside my room, paning ku because i was terkajut from my deep sleep. And that was only at 1.30am. Restless ku lagi.

And what a coincidence jua ah... i read my zodiac star about me.. yes... entah ah.. like almost the same. What i am going through this week is happeing sudah. So i let it be, and take all situation calmly. Bah banar tia jua.. ada jua lah yang inda tercontrol. Problem about me, if inda tercontrol i would just keep quiet. And sometimes it hurt to just keep quiet ani. But if i bising pun, it hurts other people nda tantu pasal. Just because its my problem kan....

That dream...... i just didn't want to close my eyes right after that. Takut ku. Its like it want me to die. And i wasn't ready for that. Beristifar ku eh until i fall asleep again.

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