Saturday, November 24, 2007


he.e.e.... dilema eh.. so i was having breakfast with some friends. Discussing about the letter i received. Now, i mention friends ryte, we were talking how serious this is. I keep listening to the rakaman yang di minta atu when i work, so i don't think ada yang patut patut bah. But the the meeting will be this coming Thursday, so see how it turn. May be this person hoping me kena buang keraja. So i can imagine she/he be laughing. But yang sayangnya in an evil way only... he...he...

At this moment, i feel so paning paning in the studio. Not sakit kepala.. but paning ayong rasa nya. Been sweating dari tadi. Don't know why... inda cukup sugar kali or not enuf oxygen to my kepala kali or banyak berpikir kali. Yeah... sometimes me ani banyak pikir you know.

I got a friend. A family friend. She is a housewife and been living under hubby nya and got many children jua. So this year, this friend passed away. And tinggal the wife and anak-anak. Kalau dulu the hubby support her. Now..... So you now what i mean kan.. So beringat kitani perempuan, walau apa pun, do something untuk mendapatkan hasil sendiri. Kalau inda belaku bekeaja keluar rumah, do business dari rumah. Jangan malu malu. Kadang, the husband inda suroh wife keraja, memang betul, tapi when something like this happen, siapa kan menanangong kan. Think it wisely.

For me, i am working pun i am worried not enuf for my son if anything happen to me. Bukan nya me di Brunei ani berumah sendiri. So still, not enuf for me. Me as a mother, i need to provide a house for him, incase. I applied for perumahan, but still no news. So i am sad jua. I wish i have the house. Being a single mother, i support my only son and i want the best for him. I applied for perumahan in 1998, when i was still pregnant. Now my son is already 9 years old. So i don't know exactly when rumah atu ada. But at least i hope if i am not around pun he can have the house.

Long story cut short. Anyway, he is doing so well in school. I am glad. He said one day when he grew up, he want me to stop working and he will look after me and he will just let me do what i love to do .. kata nya.. my hobby my son said.. shopping... and he would drive me where i want to go... ha.h.a..a.a. payah tu eh ada bodyguard. Kan bedating pun payah tu nanti.... ha.a.ha..a.
He makes me laugh. I am glad i have him. He is the star in my life.

I just got a called from his ayah. He went to get the report tadi. And number 10 out of 35 in his class. Well.. he got all A's in the other subjects and ayahnya said he got C in malay and maths. Huhu.... not good eh. He told me he susah nak buat the division in maths.. so there it go. And Malay baru tu got C... i need to check that one out. But i promised him if he got any number from 1 to 10, he will get a present from me. I need to get the present for him. That's the story bout my anak.

Pun jua, i am also reading "The Historian" atu kan, very interesting. Like i am in the story. So detailed and so chilling. I can feel it when reading it. Amazing eh. That is the book i am stuck now. Sudah tah you got yourself a book jua? Well, i hope so. Be sure its good and its what you like to read.

Later i be at the Coffee Zone petang ani at 2pm for "pelancaran cool tones lagu-lagu artis brunei bersama PelangiFm". I try to get some pictures for later too.


CLEO said...

sabar saja zura... ada hikmah d sebalik apa yang terjadi tu.. :)

Anonymous said...

I read 'The Historian' too! Very nice! Dlm 6 bulan dh aku nda baca~ Part 1 buring bah!