Saturday, November 3, 2007

'a minute ago'

Just a minute ago some thought ran in my mind, i update my blog almost everyday about my life. Just a bit that recorded for my own kepuasan. But a minute i was just thinking if wouldn't be able to write in, not a chapter in my life, i presume i be dead.
So weird stuff in my head. But then i just wonder, but it be only for talk "a tale". But when i pikir about that, during that time, condition, i wanted to leave a note, like to take a picture of my last day on this earth and post it here. That be the end of chapter "aboutzura".
Well, just a minute ago. That was the story. But now, i wondered who would be the one to publish it for me here on my blog? Oh well.... just a thought saja tu. Not anything serious. But that 'minute ago' ran through my mind.
I was at "Fun Bread" in Gadong for my dinner. It was quiet. I guess that 'a minute ago' pass through me. Well never want to be alone eh. Scarry, like your mind is talking to you. And you start to wonder... oh well....

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