Saturday, November 3, 2007

Last Wednesday - Dj Undangan - Izwan or 'Q'

Hey 'Q'!!

Now he gives the FUNNY FACE..

Oh Well, I guess that be the funniest face he can offer...

Pst... he goes to ITB and in Business studies. Well done!! He loves what he is doing now, and he told me that he love "Seni". He loves belakon too, and whatever with 'Seni". He loves music, and that's why he join in for the Dj Undangan. He got the voice, but well, comment from pendengar at that time told him to be cool saja. He sounds nervous. Tell me about it guys, yes you will recognize if that person is happy, nervous, mad, or whatever. It happened to all us Djs... ha.a.a. but well, that's life. As long as you jangan begadoh on-air dah. Settle. Well done again 'Q' and all the best for you. "If you have that dream, live that dream and one day it will come true", so apa lagi, hold on to it with brush up a bit, you can do it.

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