Monday, November 12, 2007

Busy kali ah.. :)

Gosh.. I've been busy. Busy with everything. I went to the mall yesterday, i saw this baju kurongs very nice eh... I like it. I am going to get it later this afternoon. I need it for work. So sopan. I actually got something to share here about that too. Amazing.. and i hope nada yang tersindir lah. Coz me ani direct sikit, eh banyak, coz inda mau jadi hypocrite. Benci aku!!

I'll share it within this few days. And i got some interesting story too and the topic "Jangan SeSekali". Its all about drugs. So still in progress doing the writing.. you would enjoy it. It be by episodes. And in my own writings... he.e.e.e. I am also looking forward.

I watch "American Gangster". Very interesting how you learn many things with whom you work with all your life. So meaning, dalam hidup ani whatever you do, doesn't matter keraja apa, you will eventually menimba ilmu pengetahuan and that sometime people lupa, which you can use untuk masa depan. Provided you be creatif then baru jadi. Go and see that movie although its about gangster, tapi if you see it in a positive side you will get what i mean.

To become somebody, its not an easy task. But you will make it. Just have a heart and strength to do it confident, surely you make it. Jangan sampai its too late then only regret. Eh anyway, i am wondering bah, how *** phone provider people boleh give information detail about someone to other? I wonder if i want to check it, cana ah. I thought it be confidential, tapi inda. Its hard kali to cari but how ah?

Someone ask me. And how can i find out if someone giving information about our email address and have access to our email and etc to other people? I also thought its confidential. I will find out but slowly. I spoke to a couple of people, it have to be someone working inside. The server giving information to someone, i don't know for what reason. Kawan punya pasal, then like that tia jadinya... So I thought CONFIDENTIAL... {ps. so becarefull people, your friend might be your friend too. And yang paling parah, your bestfriend or your closest friend was my friend in shcool.. never know.. never know.. chut..chut..}

How can we Bruenians kan maju, mun sesuatu supposed to "rahasia" pun di blurt it out just because kawan.. Be careful sapa yang buat catu. Setinggi mana tupai melompat, akan jatoh ke tanah jua. So a few of my friends pun masa ani doing our private investigation.. oh well... we just wait and see. Not only me rupanya, ada yang lain pun kena. Pleas understand the meaning of "CONFIDENTIAL" before you commit yourself to a crime you din't see.

  1. Who do we go to?
  2. Whom should we talk to?

Please advise. Thank you so much.

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