Thursday, November 22, 2007


down..down..own... berabiz ku hari ani. Maklum lah the "girl day" kali. Biul my head today jua. Baik jua i sleep this afternoon. I don't know my kepala today. Rasa nya inda bersatu dengan my minda. Marah marah saja. My baby tidor di rumah ayah nya. Di tinggalkan nya phone nya in my house. Upset ku.. so tadi menghantar baju melayu nya. Ada dinner with student from Singapore di sekolah nya. Amboi..... i miss him so much eh.... he need to sleep at home tomorrow. I really miss him. He like not miss me... huh.h...huh....

Oh i am at work now. I got a letter from BAHAGIAN KAWALAN AKIDAH, JABATAN HAL EHWAL SYARIAH, KEMENTERIAN HAL EHWAL UGAMA. Guess what? Someone i suppose complain the way i perform when i was on-air dalam segmen sambong-sambong. I ask what is the meaning of "Akidah"? Ada yang beri tau "penyelewengan ugama". So i don't quite see how i was with segmen sambong sambong menyeleweng kan ugama? I ill update you guys with this. I kind of know sapa buat all this, but Allah Maha Mengetahui and i myself kalah with this kind of game. Kalau inda suka ku keraja di Pelangi, tell me dapan dapan. Jangan hipprocrate.

I am a professional Radio Presenter. Please lah.. apa lagi yang you inda puas hati atu? Let me know, and luahkan kan saja to me. Inda ku jauh hati. I know how you feel. But you know, by telling me how you feel, i still sokong you to be the most. I know, if you want to menjadi lebih popular, go ahead. I sokong. But if you want to be popular dengan cara yang burok, sooner or later you be trap in your own trap sendiri.

Stay Cool and Stay Cun!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Zura, I was browsing your blog and was surprised to read that someone complained about your show to the Akidah department..the same thing happened to I guess I'm not the only DJ with this problem..anyway, I agree, it is really wrong that people should complain behind your back. I'm still suspended though, at least you're still on air right? Good luck and wish you the best with everything. Love your blog, by the way.