Sunday, November 18, 2007


I am a bit depressed today. I was ok earlier when i was a work. Its been 2 days i can't on my phone. I went to the mall today evening, and i asked them to repair it for me. Its my software in the phone. Got virus. Darn!!!

The phone is ok now, but i am not. I lost everything...everything data information in my phone. Such a big lost. I recorded everything in there. From health to everything. Its just gone like that. I joted down all...all.....alll....... but its gone!!!!!!

Speechless me dibuatnya..... restless me di buatnya... i just close my eyes tadi, just to release the tension i have for the moment. Hard to describe when you only have all the telephone numbers and etc of your friends in that phone and its gone!!!!! huh....huh... I am so frustrated.

First, my mini adress book. I have been looking for it for almost two weeks. Now, my phone got software problem that i can't switch it on. Oh well..... i guess i just have to see it this way. I guess this is another beginning for me. I just can't mourn about it kan. So this is it. A new day has come. So be it. I just have to accept it, that its gone.

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