Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Off Day

Just off today from my duty. Tomorrow will be a morning shift with Fauzan. And yes it would be interesting. So I am now at home. Went out to pay my dst bills. Wah.. yes just settled. And having my tea and about to go to tasek. The weather weren't very friendly lately for a walk in tasek or elsewhere. But today, biar mendung i just go lah. Rindu lah kat tasek...

Last night spend my time with my auntie in Terunjing. And she cooked ikan asam pedas.. yumm..yumm.... and sambal mangga. Atu lagi tia, but i tried to control what i eat. Although kan betambah nasi, then again, no lah. Enuf to just rasa the fine cooking of my auntie. Well sort of family friend since i was a baby kali. That's why i called her auntie. So next time i will come again bila she masak another different recipe.

Went home quite late, but i enjoyed being with her nieces. Ramai eh dorang ah. Syok.. and they are all girls. So cute. I wish i have that many many sisters. But i am the only girl in the family, that's why jua kali i sometimes can be boyish and girlish. Yang cali nya, when i was young, grandparents kind of not allowing us to keep dolls lah etc, so miss jua lah. Now i collect teddy bears, or dolls. I love them so much. Cute things. Don't be surprised if you find me still playing with dolls.. ha.aa..a.a.. yeah.. during my spare and lonely times saja. Call me crazy, yes i am.. in a way... but i enjoyed it. Crazy bertempat loh.... Aren't anybody??

Today lunch time i have nasi ayam. But half of nasi and finito the ayam. So sedap. I can't wait to have my oysters. He..he... Ada lah.. I plan to go out with brothers and wife and gal dorang end of this month. I am craving for oysters. So when i was in Los Angeles, i went to Beverly Hills area, and took my dinner in one of the restaurant. I really love the way life di sana atu jua.

So anyhew.. i ordered oysters. Bermacam nama. So the first order, the oysters was small, but sweet. Then i odered another half dozen a different one. But this one i loved it so much. So.........s........ ish... susah lah nak kata. All and all, i was totally kesiokkan lah and so kenyamanan with the oyster i had, speechless ku olehnya..

I feel like i am in oyster mood this month...... The last time i went was with my stepmother and my siblings at the Empire, and superb eh. I ate only oysters and probably about 16 pcs. Gosh!!! it sound so bad... tebarus tah banar.. but what can i do, cannot help it meh!!

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