Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Kingdom - Jeniffer Garner, Jamie foxx

..bila i watched this movie, tersentoh hati ku..... As soon as the movie start, at the beginning you know families out in the field on sunday afternoon.... suddenly betembak and all you know and before you know it, it become a blood bath. And its ashamed to see how people in this world bebunoh for whatever reason. We know nyawa inda dapat di beli, so why killing other human makes them feel great about it.

A good movie. Go and see it for yourself. I learned everytime i watched a movie. From fiction to comedian to horror. I hate War movies but sometimes just have a glimsp to see and imagine. In The Kingdom, i like the part where Jennifer Garner wanted to touched the muslim corspe to get the hand print and suddenly one of the guard meneriak 'HARAM!! HARAM!!'.... Wah... rupanya... i didn't know non-muslim inda boleh sentoh a mayat muslim.

How if di luar negeri. Like a muslim kena autopsy? The doctor is non-muslim. Oh salah ka? Please if you read this one, help me to understand. Thank you in advance. And sambong lagi, the part yang cute when Jamie Foxx and "Faris" got a clue who too look for to "catch a big dog" So Jamie Foxx said "not big dog, its a big Fish"... Then Faris said "but dog is bigger than fish..".. Jamie balas balik.. inda ku merati tu eh phrase atu...inda ada in our ... like that lah cerita nya. When you get a chance to watch it, you will know what i mean. Cute.

The touchy one... where all of them balik rumah, then Faris got home to see his two daughters and one son that he love so much, a wife and family lah. With a very beautiful soft music, that when you hear it sabak dada. And the other one balik and while the father was sleeping, he mengampaikan his things on the table and tebangun the father. Very old and really menyedihkan. He beri salam to his father, angkat his father to the chair next to the bed he slept a while ago and did their prayer. Sembahyang...... Oh menitik air mata ku meliat betapa keadaan nya like that, a son and a father together mengerjakan solat.

Then Jamie Foxx betelipon with anaknya di Washington, meliat gambar anak nya with his note book. That was sweet too. And all you can see anak-anak yang betingalan because the father or the parents mati disebabkan all this. So i thought watak Jamie Foxx was really sweet bab yang ia memujuk anak his friend yang terbunuh dalam letupan not long after he spoke with him on the phone. He said "i know your father, he was a friend of mine" that means just to let the boy know that he is also a friend to him. Sweet.... I like that too....

Very menyentoh perasaan, because what i saw atu, in reality are happening every saat of the day di negara lain... and how we wish for peace in these world kan. Atu baru movie, but yang banar banar nya... menyedihkan kan. We di Brunei ani, Alhamdulillah aman damai. Orang lain di negara yang dalam keaadan kecoh, entah when would it end ya...

...sedih jua when you see young boy yang kena suroh to do the dirty job and all because kerana Allah. Well... its sad... that is not true. There got to be a reason jua why, but Syaitan always want to bring manusia di dunia ani ke neraka jahanam. That is his promise. So in that movie also banyak pengajaran. Rugi if you miss it. It all comes to how individual see it in their own prespective. I got mine and how about you?

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