Friday, March 4, 2011


Its funny sometimes when you hear voices talking to you. Who is that? Haha.. its funny. You probably smile or you probably nodd your head and said, yes i hear it too. It is sometimes good but sometimes not. This is where you step in. Its either you follow or you leave.

You can't erase the voice or you can't tell it to go away. Any way? Not for me. It mostly evaluate what's happening now. Is it the same to you? Some must be wondering ...mmmm what is she talking about? Its okay. I guess when you spend your time alone, that when the voice comes in. Haha ... macam orang inda betul bunyi nya kan.

Voices. It could menghasut or it could be reminding you to do something good. Either one. Depends jua tu. I don't know you. It can make you laugh and it can make you cry too. Gila bunyinya? Yes banar tu. But that's reality. When you know something, inda you berani bah. Takut you. Serious.

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