Tuesday, March 8, 2011


You got to be kidding me. Kid me not. Spitting? Next to me? Where? Nah nya. Next to me. Not spitting at me. Different meaning toh. Unexpectable. Looked really good, modern jua usulnya. Trendy yes. Quite young. Probably late 20s. I heard this culture loves to spit. Yes, when you know, hush hush. When you heard, yes hush hush. Because there are other great qualities that this culture have. So .. spitting is a bloody dirty attitude to have when you spit where ever you feel you like to spit. Shoot!! Dammm dirty. That is totally disgusting. Shoot.

This was last week. I wanted to blog it immediately but it was late. I had to work early the next morning. Anyhew, she spit. Yes.. she actually spit. SHOCKING for me. Yes.. not once, i noticed a couple of times. Em.. cinema 1. Not quite sure what row and it was on the ........... side. Haha!!

Sekali kau lagi!

Psst.. i thought naik kaki is dirty. SPITTING when you sat next to someone while watching movie? YUKKKKKKK... Can you imagine? She look sweet, but then it was horrible to know that that attitude just ruin it all. Darn it!

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