Sunday, March 13, 2011


Started early. Sunday? Yes.

Attended MAJLIS SAMBUTAN HARI BUAH PINGGANG SEDUNIA 2011 at Songket Ballroom, Hotel Rizqun Antarabangsa in Gadong. One of my good friend invited me along. It is very interting to know something about health. Alhamdulillah we are healthy.

One of many organs we have that we should know how it function in our body. Learn about it. Prevent is better than cure they say. Yes indeed i agree. Some would say illness comes from Allah. So some never bothers to even want to know how to find cure. When we eat and drink something beyond our bodies can take, then illness will attack you.

Haha.. i've ever have one segmen about illness, and i received text. The number was there on the screen. And this person was negative. To the extend, 'Zura, penyakit ani datang nya dari Allah, terima saja..' . Wow.. terima saja? Yes okay, terima. But my segmen was something to do about health on how to prevent. And that text i received. I accept what was texted to me but i will not agree. Totally not.

Anyhew, statistic says every year 100 new patients detected from kidney problems. That's pretty bad and sad. From diabetes to heart problems that caused kidney problems too. So all in all its overall about difunctioning one organ to the rest of our organs.

I was touch with one story on how this young woman undergone kidney transplant. I was touched. I took tissues from my handbag and pass to my good friend too. I know how she felt since she is one of the patient too. She's been on dialysis for 24 years. Since she was 19 years old. She told me she wanted to get married with her one and only first love when she was 14 years. But of course mother didn't allow her. Yes i too will not allow if i have a daughter that age. But then kidney problem years after. She is still single. She wishes she had one child at least. But then that is history. She also told me that if she have one child, that child would be grown up already. I nodded but didn't say a word.. I know how she felt.

My story continues. I sat there with the all the kidney's patients. It is very interesting to hear what they have to say. When we are not one of them, not even one in our family have that illness, we will feel clear. We will not know how they felt. I was sitting with patients who have gone through the process called dialysis to keep them alive, to keep their blood clean. I must say we Bruneians are very lucky to have such facilities and treatment for FREE. Unlike in other countries, you will not have that for FREE. Sorry not, only medical insurance can help you. Here? Nop, and some take it for granted.

Did you know since 2009 - 2010 the Government of His Majesty spend 11.8 million (correct me if i am wrong, i think i heard million or billion.. but i am sure million.. again correct me if i am wrong.. ) for kidney patients in Brunei? For the facilities and treatment? Yes.. this is true. What do we do for Brunei? What? Did we ever bother to look after our health? Did we ever bother to be one of the healthiest nations? Yes.. some but not much. Not yet. Hopefully, HOPE is there still for us to change to a healthier life styles. HOW?


'Silent Killer' said YB Pehin Menteri Kesihatan. And all the patients drop jaws. You just look at them, what hope do they have when you're the only one? I too .. felt what they felt. Silent Killer? Not something that you can reverse the time to prevent it now, its too late. You just have to go through it and families and friends are to supports and you to feed courage to live and survive and to live to the fullest. You know you will not be able to live the same as you used to unless if you undergo the kidney transfer and that too if it work for you.

My good friend told me i am her courage to live. I said to her, you're there for a reason for me. You're one of my good friend and there got to be reasons why you're my friend. I told her she gives me hope too and she makes me realized that never to not appreaciate what i have in life. She actually gives me hopes that she herself didn't know she did. Not me her courage, but she is my courage to go forward too. She is there and that makes me look things a lot different than i used to. For what i have been through in life, the challanges she have to go through is even heavier than me. She is in pain all the time. She have to be strong. And she live, yes she live. But i know deep inside she don't want it to be like that. But then i must say, she is a strong woman. I love her like my own sister. She is still one of my good friend.

Haha.. you must be wondering. Yes, we have our ups and down. And that makes it even stronger. We don't know each other but we still learn. I know she is very sensitive, and i tried to avoid to create when she created something that would hurt me too. Haha.. it makes the relationship stronger. We respect each other and we support each other. You might not know how that works ah.. but mentally she support me in a way that i or you can be her if we don't look after our health. I believe she's there for a reason and that reason is clear and only i can feel it and knows.

A very long story today. Actually a lot more i wanted to write, but i need to do my prayer before i sleep. I will continue this during the midday tommorrow. Write some more. Morning shift with Dj Zayn at 6am to 10am. Hopefully i share some info on-air.

What i did today, woke up early. Start my morning early. Went to the function half a day.. unexpected. Home at lunch time. Clean here and there. Took some pictures of myself, which i find vain.. haha.. so vain! and then sleep for one hour. Oh send my son to Mall at 1.20pm. He watched movie with his friends Muez & Mahathir. Movie Rango! Haha.. i missed that. Pick him up at 5.15pm. Stop at Soon Lee SuperMarket at Lambak. Bought fresh 3 pieces chicken thighs for dinner. Home. Cooked. First made my Sambal Penyet. Then rice. And vegetables. I did my laundry too while i cooked. Done all.. change my jeans and ate dinner. Now .. blogging. Haha! What did i missed? Oh i did watched the American Idol 10 before i fall asleep this afternoon. Now ready to sleep.

You see, full blast for me. I enjoyed it very much. Oh my son is about to make his own MILO Shakes..

Before i forget this, almost all the kidney patients were very active with everyday life before they find out their kidneys are not functioning. So what went wrong? I need to find out about that. Is it because they are not living balance diet or what? Too workoholic, and too full with activities until they didn't realize to look after their health? Or perhaps they think they did all the requirements they need to be healthy without realizing they missed something?

That i need to find more information. Need to look up in the internet. So balance in everything is the answer. And what is Balance life? That for you to find out too.

Psst.. go check the newspaper tomorrow. I got to go. You take care. Don't forget to wake up with a glass of water (10oz) and sleep with one full glass of water too. May Allah blessed us. Semoga kitani sentiasa dalam lindungan Allah. Amin.

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