Saturday, March 12, 2011


I will never say touch wood. I know where it come from. And next time i will say Nauzubilah. Thank you to Puan Lili for telling us this afernoon what it meant. Logic and yes, that is one knowledge i will keep forever and even share others for life.

Its like celebrating Valentine's Day. I used to not agree and WHY? I now understand it and why we bother at all unless your religion allows you too. To me and some of you, put it aside. Don't lah. Not being kuno lah. Not ikut trend. But when you know the history, well, then you know what i meant. Haha.. No wonder i never got to celebrate it because i never have someone i love during that date and month. But then again, i just disagree last time and i would say, biar tia bah orang kan celebrate. Now that i know, i would help even to educate to understand our young ones that its not to celebrate at atll. Lots more to celebrate and to know, and we, you and i will be proud of it too.

Puan is a curious person. Luckly she ask why cannot on the cement, touch cement? Touch rattan? Touch whatever except Wood? OH.. thank you. That makes me chanel my mind 360 to not even think about it 'touch wood' and just say Nauzubilah. Oh .. just to share too, the cross your finger thing, yes, that too, if you're a Muslim, think again before you do that finger crossing ya.

Hope we just not the follower, hope we be the leader to lead our generation to a more understandable life to adapt in our Religion and Budaya. Not just IKUT IKUT. If not us, who else? I am not saying i am good or what, but i wanted to share something that i know that InsyaAllah, what we want in life akan tercapai when we start to know what we want and who we are and just by doing some changes will gives us a great life.

Does it make sense? Did you get the messege? TOUCH WOOD - TOUCH SALIP. So remember again, try to avoid saying it. Now you now, hiya .. up to you lah.

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dyahz said...

apakn sis touch wood ane? Touch salip??