Friday, March 4, 2011


Baik-baik sebelum melakukan apa-apa. 'firkirkan dulu sebelum melaku kan apa-apa yang ingin di lakukan'. I said that many times. And it is not kosong whenever i said that. I meant it. I don't what you want to say or do, but many many times i said that to others to myself and on-air. I meant in all aspects whatever you want to say or whatever you want to do.

Its alright to make a move and don't listen to others because nobody owns you, but hey 'fikirkan dulu sebelum melaku apa-apa'. Not for me, if it for me only, i can't care less to even mention that all the time. Its good for us to remind each other not advice. My advantage i got to tell you when i am on-air. I don't know, wheather you listen or not, but i hope i get my point across. And it MEANT A LOT. Pity when you don't understand. Mean, so many to learn. I myself still have a long way to learn too.

I am not going to stop you from doing your mistake. What the hell!, that's your problem. Good bad, that's your problem. You own that and you deserve to do good or bad, up to you. But think think again before you do something. You like or don't, it will come to you. And that process called PENGALAMAN. I don't have a Degree in writing skills, you can laugh at my writing, or Masters or PHD too. Haha if you wount pass Degree, surely not going over to Masters and PHD. So what do you have? PENGALAMAN. That's is the most valuable one i have in my life to survive.

I smile when i received in my INBOX a word from someone i think have not live longer enough to even have the thought to write such things. Pity .. pity.. i felt how stupid, and surely others thing so too. I really pitty. Some would want to smack that one face. But what's the point? I don't see any point. Even to bother with such people is a waste of time. Even a minute in the mind, just a waste of time. That's what that one want you to do. To think and be stupid like one.

I have met people like this, probably worst. But at the end they or one never goes anywhere. From a great background to the lowest you can imagine. Still at the end, nowhere. Seriously. I have seen. All end up 6 feet under one day. And why bother to even think this people are special. Haha.. Special case barangkali and you know what? Let them solve their problem. And its hard for them to do that, and give way and space. Up to you whatever however way. See it deep and long run, eventually living all life like that. Problem comes from where they come from and that have to be solve from there.

So when you want to say to someone what is in your mind, okay you're not sure what i mean ya? Say you want to say someone atu MONKEY kah, BABI kah, APA kah, think again. Or PELACUR kah, ORANG GILA kah, or SIAL kah, or APA lah you can think of, that you've heard and learn from your parents when you were young once upon a time ago, and you use it upon someone, think puas puas. Now kalau you call someone MONKEY, remember you one day will get married, and you will have children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren (when you're lucky to see your grandchildren, that would be super), do you want to see MONKEY too? Or perhaps like BABI face? Or like PELACUR?

Yes think again. Seriously, think again. I have seen and i will not have to say. I have that opportunity where i hear and see, or even say and it happen. I have seen what happen when you say all sorts of things about people and what it do to you, YES. I hear a lot, and saw what happened after. And i have said, and what happen had happened. Never, never ever .. but if you want to not stop, up to you. Its all in your hand. Your future, in your hand. Whateve we do, its a process. Up to you. PENGALAMAN is most important in life, not just living but live to survive and that is something more than anything!

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