Friday, March 25, 2011


Au flexible banar. Melantik tapi karas. Haha.. Kata nya, a lot of practise makes it perfect. I guess long years of doing it will flex that body.

Right way of breathing, straight back all the time and a 10 min. full stretch routine early morning ... your body will flex perfect the way you want.

Some people have a right body problem and some on left body problem. Yours? Me? Mine is right. I can't seem to pull my right hand to the back to stretch further to the left. But i can do the left to the right. Maybe its not a problem. Maybe that's just the way it is. Like i am right handed. One of my brother is left handed. And you? Yes.. you see what i mean?

I am the 'what i mean, you know, what i mean?' type of person. I am too the 'OH MY GOD!' type of person. Remind me of Randy of American Idol 10, keep on saying OMG!! hahah.. Raise eyebrow and i smile.

FLEX - Menggerakkan senti ; bengkokkan.

FLEXIBLE - Boleh dilentur ; boleh disesuaikan.

PRACTISE - Berlatih ; membuat sesuatu berulang kali untuk menjadi mahir ; mengamalkan.

Nasib jua ada kamus for me to refer the word practise. Ada dua : PRACTISE and PRACTICE.

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