Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Men and Women loves to FLIRT. It adds SPICE to their life. It adjust their life. It add ADDITIONAL UMPH! in their everyday life and live to make it lively. Hahahahh!!! From huwoooo.. to WOW SUPER CHARGE their immune system. You like that? Yes i am sure you like. There's no other better than FLIRT.

Its okay when you're single. I would be bias if i said not for married couple too. Hahah.. Well who FLIRT THE MOST? Lets do the survey.. But then its okay to flirt, it makes you FEEL BETTER AND FEEL YOUNGER. But don't get into the TRAP that its just FLIRT. It makes the other feel good as you felt it too when you FLIRT.

I guess when you're married, the other half don't see extra UMPH! ah? Haha.. it takes two to tangle. Too busy flirting the other half is missing. Where's the love has gone? That's probably a title of a song. Then again, where's the flirting has gone when you have each other? When you know FLIRT SPICE UP YOUR LIFE, wouldn't it better to SPICE UP EACH OTHER? It worth while and its a LIFEWHILE!!!! Haha..

Again FLIRT. wHO doesn't?? tell me.

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