Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Thought so. Not so, that's the fact. Good to learn. And good to be a good student too. Good delivery too. Learning is fun. Its a process in life that i will never want to miss. How about you?

Oh i am cold. I learned today, that we cannot control others. Because they have their own mind and feeling.

I know.. i know.. i know also you know. I learned new words too. Well.. that's so true. I and you or you and i, can't control you and i. Got it. Only dengan keIzinan seseorang atu saja yang you think that you have control over individual. Actually dengan keIzinannya only. And that's is not easy. But because of a good reason, that one person did that for you. Though some of you didn't realize that. Did you know that? So, mean, you got to appreaciate it.

Now, do you think you know it all?

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