Monday, June 2, 2008

Diddy & Zayn ON HBD

Guys..guys.. . siok eh you both on-air ah. I was on the way sending Luqman to school, and he was smiling all the way sampai ke sekolah.

Amazing!!! On the way back, i text Zayn how i enjoyed their show this morning. And one song before the news, em.. dangdut jua bunyi nya. Em.. "jangan gila dong.. masih banyak cowok brontong.." and tekidum me olehnya.
Reason why, i read an article yesterday at the Salon, and about BREAK-UP. Of course lah nada Break Up songs n malay but hey!! there you go.. ada jua tu.

So you can see the bit where "in times of heartache and misery, MUSIC REACHES OUT AND TOUCHES US making everything a little more BEARABLE. And its so true.
Check out the songs you can relate to.. like KATHERINE MCPHEE.....

And this one too... like DIXIE CHICKS..(That i have to check it out... need it for the collection) or like MARIAH CAREY... (EM.. that probably in my collection).. YOURS??

I SMILE because its so TRUE. But you gotta choose the songs of your favourite when times comes and it will also tell you what type of person are you in the relationship.. haha.. thats even cuter...

I probably choose Mariah Carey.. em.. Tina Arena and some others but how about you.. check it out for your self. (ah.. Zayn just text me back. The song by LOLITA - JANGAN GILA DONG! For you gals out there yang baru saja BREAK UP listen to that song. A good one too and can be your friend for a while until bila..bila.. I am serious eh. If not you, maybe someone you know. Tell the girls ya... JANGAN GILA DONG..

Great day, with great people on-air. I am loving it. I be workign on HIBURAN914 laater too.... so shower time now..


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