Saturday, June 21, 2008


Yes.. at last. Break for a day.. Ha.ha.. only now i got to blog. Risau bukan main. Some would ask me if i ever get bored of blogging? Blogging? Well, i said i got a addicted to writing. All about what i see, hear and everything. I said i love blogging. Keeps my mind working and at least one day, when i grow old.. grow old gracefully i will look again what i have done so far in my life.

Everyday you go through a different route of life, and from there you will either upgrade yourself into a self efficient person or just normal and going no where... eh apa kanz.. Emmm Yeah true. So i love blogging and i will be resah if i don't blog for a day. Even a small story in my life, or something that i would like to share, i must. And everyday just so different.

So anyway, i have been working for the whole week now, and today just a rest day for me. I am going to have a bbq tomorrow for Luqman in Muara, and tomorrow too i will be working from 10am to 2pm. So after that i will be going to Muara beach and start bbq-ing.. sounds late kan, but its okay lah.. Lamb, chicken wings, salads, carrots, and some drinks. Thats it. Just a simple bbq-ing stuff.

Nothing fancy. Plain simple. Hope nada rain tomorrow... Later i am going out to SupaSave to buy salad and carrots for tomorrow. Wish you all have a great weekend. Thank you for reading. Oh.. you like the story about the travelling atu?? He.he..e Yes.. tension ya. Well...

Just a day break, good enough for me. I spend most of my time in the afternoon sleeping. I end up bloggin as soon as i woke up. I be posting more pictures later. Indahnya....

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