Friday, June 20, 2008


Good morning. Yesterday was moviethon for us. Ha.ha.a. Luqman's birthday. Seven including me meliat wayang. Start with HULK (yes i know.. my second time) and then KUNG FU PANDA.. ha.ha.. hilirous. Mula serious comic action then the Panda think. Good jua for the kids to watch it. Laughter.. from the voice of the children. I like hearing it so original innocent and so cute.. that makes us wonder, would we ever sound like them too if we laugh.. the adults?

Full swing for me again yesterday. Tired bukan main but i enjoyed it. Work on HBD and got home just to freshen up, then buat some kerja, then sambong lunch, then at 2pm picked everybody all in my coupe and then off to the mall. Some makan at the mall, and some minum. Me? Yes got the tickets for 3.30pm show and 6pm show for 7 people including me. Yes 7 in my car... imagine. Luckily 2 yang damit sikit so can squeeze in... But cannot do that all the time, dangerous.

All the way in the car, becakap about a big car. Big mean spacy one, not big means luxurious expensive car. Get it? Okay.. Walk around at the mall and got few things for Luqman. Then balik and cut cake. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LUQMAN.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.... HOW OLD ARE YOU NOW.. HOW OLD ARE YOU NOW... DA..DA..DA..DA..DA..DA... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!

Well 10. 10 two digits start and the mark of his age.. moving growing and getting taller lah.. Well 10.. 10... 10... and soon .... Makin naik age Luqman, of course us too.. Oh gosh i love that KUNG FU PANDA EH.. em.. not so cute the mata if for you, but the one part i like when the turtle em.. sapa nama nya tu ah.. said, YESTERDAY WAS HISTORY, TOMORROW A MYSTERY AND TODAY .............. bah you sambong lah. So never quit. Well that's easy to say, but really if you see it that way, if kena suroh quit pun berusaha lah.. its your DESTINY and people can try to PUT YOU DOWN IN WHATEVER WAY POSSIBLE WITH THEIR POWER (semantara jua tu)... But your DESTINY is still yours. Ha..ha... Banyak orang inda tau tu...

Anway, it was a good day. Em.. i really like the KUNG FU PANDA atu eh.. got lots of sindirian jua there and interesting part, when ada part sindirian atu, the children laugh. But in reality if you want to know, jangan tah jauh, if you terasa, then if the children laugh means to their eyes that behaviours are silly and meaning that you think you are so good, but just imagine us yang dewasa too... kalau yang dewesa they probably laugh at you worst right, because whatever you do, hukum karma remember?.. yes will get back to you too... Though you may not realize that, it will and people will laugh at you worst . Oh well... don't you see that?

I got people who talk about people, but themselves bukan jua perfect sangat. Yes i am human, layan sikit, but then not over lah. Just to hear the spice of the story atu, makes it interesting orang yang bercakap atu really not perfect jua. Like you know ... Gosh... Must see that movie. All you have to do is BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND THERE'S NO SPECIAL SECRET RESEPI FOR THAT... I REALLY LIKE THAT..

Just imagine, all this while the TAI LUNG ka... em.. well, he thought that the DRAGON thing atu ada something written on that script, tapi nada. Yang ada apa nah?? Like mirror kan. I mean that's all you need to know about you. Oh well... isi nya good in that movie. The children enjoyed it so much, talked about it all the way sampai kerumah...

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