Wednesday, June 18, 2008


IRIL and ME... hehe.... he was showing me pictures of NEPAL. His trips. Iril got big projects and i am in. And guess what.. the other picture was about having coffee in NEPAL. Iril said, his STARBUCKS NEPALI STYLE... I was told, she actually have that small basin, and with what you see now, yes she wash the glasses there too, and serve new coffee.. here you go IRIL.. COFFEE!! Em... oKaY
That is COFFEE you can get di jalan, and it actually cost about B$1.00 ++ Now, lets see how many complain here in Brunei having coffee for B$1.20 hot and B$1.50 Ice in a restaurant?? Do you still want to go??
Some other pictures to be posted soon. So do stay in and check it out ya. See what Iril's trip all about. Oh.. lydia is out of town. Where?? We shall ask her when she gets back.

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