Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Hello..how are you? How's your sleep? Hope you have a good dream. Beautiful day to start your day today and hopefully you've planed all. Got up at 10 am today. Work at 2pm. Clean my hamsters house..he.he..ehe.e. house eh. Yes.. got four babies remeber.

So many phone calls this morning. Gosh!! all about something...and everything and nothing. Ha..ah.ah..... I am actually getting ready for work. Just had shower and haven't had breakfast. I hate that if i miss my breakfast. Well i am the one who don't remember.. not to say not remember lah.. but too busy doing this and that catu tah jadi nya.

Two more days Luqman be 10.... Wow!!! the firs two digits in his life. Plan a simple birthday, he loves the beach. So we are going to the beach and bbq there too. Em.... No need bouncers lah. Big already. He loves salad too. Lamb and chicken wings. Potato chips perhaps? Well i will sort it out by Wednesday...

Invited a few friends, incase you are around, with your kids, say hi and come join in. Oh its okay. Em.. i don't know whose coming but since its a school holidays, many are out of town. So the most important thing is for me to be there with him.. You can bring your own food too. Why not..

uuuuuuuuuuu...... need to go now... talk to you soon. I be in later at 2pm. If you want to chat, i be here till 6pm. Chat with me and tell me what you've been doing ya. Take care. Have a great day today, and don't skip lunch.. Important meal of the day... too.

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