Thursday, June 26, 2008


All woman need to have a check up once a year for a PAP SMEAR. When was the last time you have yours done? Like a car, go for service every 10,000 miles kan, for us woman, well.. if you are 35 and above, best to to it once a year. I did mine today. And well its been 4 years. Now the doctor ask me to go for a check up once a year. As you age gracefully.. yes.. you need to do that to avoid whatever it is that can cause cancer.

If the symptoms ada, its okay, but if nada symptoms, lagi bahaya. Dalam diam kan.. so, then the doctor will advice you and give you treatment. But that is for the early detection saja. I don't like it but have to do it. For your own good. I am healthy all and all and just have to wait for the test to come back in a week. Breast check included when you do a PAP SMEAR.

I asked the doctor, the rate of people who have cancer in Brunei.. from Breast and Cervical. Quite an increase and its scarry to hear it even if you're healthy, and you think you're healthy, need not to go for a check up, well.. bad news the doctor was shock when she got the result from a healthy 39 year old woman.. But all was done so fast, and treated so fast on the early stage, luckily she is fine now... Amazing kan..

So, its good to know, weather you're healthy or not, still nee to go for a check up. PAP SMEAR and BREAST. If dari keturunan, in the family, close family, got cancer, then you got to be very careful. I asked why all this happen... and the answer from the food you eat, and not exercising. Obesity is one of the factor too.. So be very careful... In Brunei, the woman barangkali ada yang not sure about what to do, PAP SMEAR?? Important kan tu??? Aku healthy jua, inda payah tah PAP SMEAR.. Well... tha is so wrong.

In 2004 my weight was 51kg. The last time i have my medical check up was 56kg. Now i am 54kg.. ha.ha.... No wonder i can still fit into some of my pants. Yes, when i was 19 to 25, i can wear size 23. My waist was just so small... Oh well... now ha.ha...

Funny how our body changes as our age change... The shoes size used to be 5, then 6, then 6 1/2, then 7 after giving birth, and now.. i can wear 7 1/2 to 8.. All depends with the design. So again.... being healthy is important to me....

I went to a Private Clinic in Gadong for a PAP SMEAR and it cost me about B$60 for a check up. all and all i paid B$90.00 with some medicine given to me.. he.he.e.. The result be send to Singapore i think, coz last time yes, there, and will get the result earliest in a week. I told the girls there to remind me for my next PAP SMEAR..

Just some info from the net. Now, if you already know about this, share it with other girls jua lah.. Jangan diam diam saja, let them know about PAP SMEAR.. Educate them together.. lets do that..

Cancer of the cervix (cervical cancer) is the second most common cause of cancer-related disease and death among women worldwide. The best way to detect cervical cancer is by having regular Papanicolaou tests, or Pap smears. (Pap is a shortened version of the name of the doctor who developed the screening test.) A Pap smear is a microscopic examination of cells taken from the cervix.

A Pap smear can detect certain viral infections (such as human papillomavirus [HPV]) and other cancer-causing conditions. Early treatment of these conditions can stop cervical cancer before it fully develops. A woman may have cervical cancer and not know it because she may not have any symptoms.

Risks factors for cancer of the cervix include the following:

**Multiple sexual partners (or sexual partners who have had multiple partners)
**Starting sexual intercourse at an early age
Viral infection, such as HPV, human
immunodeficiency virus (HIV), or herpes simplex virus (HSV)
immune system
**Previous cancer of the lower genital tract

Cervical cancer screening is recommended yearly starting when women are aged 18 years, or when they become sexually active if younger than 18 years. Physicians may screen a woman less frequently if she had negative Pap smear results 3 years in a row or is not sexually active.

The Pap smear procedure is not complicated or painful. The only risk is not detecting cervical cancer in time to treat and cure it.

Pap Smear Preparation

The best time to have a Pap smear is when the woman is not menstruating. A woman could ask for a female doctor if that would make her feel more comfortable.

For 2 days before the test, avoid the following because these might hide any abnormal cells:

**Vaginal medications (except as directed by your doctor)
**Vaginal contraceptives such as
birth control foams, creams, or jellies

For more info go to explain all. Well there are some other websites too... Its something you need to know for us girls.. and to do.. not just read but to share and tell the woman we love and care about PAP SMEAR. Okie dokie..done my part...

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