Monday, June 23, 2008


Can you spot the ball rah the tree?

us four left at 7pm..
Iril, Acik, Luqman and Me.. Gelap kali ah..

Thank you to everyone yang datang. Luqman enjoyed it so much. And he said beyond siok for his birthday this year. Well he is now 10. My big boy. Later 20. Later later.. 30 .. later later.. Wah Muara Beach happening today. Sampai keluar bah jam nya and until 5pm still..

Arrive in Muara at almost 4pm, but long que and then dapat pondok number 36 just after a group of Philipino people left. I guess they came in the morning kali. Still, when i was standing there, ada one group of Indian people wanted to take that place too.. but then i was there first. Oh well... bbq place so full.. so we have to bbq like this lah.. still okay...
me with my socks..

Didn't start bbq-ing until 5pm. I thought we never going to do the bbq-ing today. Thought lambat and keakhiran, but no lah... We stayed until 7pm. The one stayed until 7pm.. yes the picture i took.. quite dark. Nada lampu lah..

the end..

Thank you to.. HJH RADIAH & FAMILY, SURIATI'S & FAMILY, FAZ & FAMILY, YASMOON & THE GENG, FAUZAN, ASHRAFF & FAMILY, MOSHEK & FAMILY, ACIK, IRIL .. SUPER SIOK TODAY. (pictures still wating from Yasmoon.. to be posted in this blog of HAPPY MOMENTS)

Though awal awal atu, wah.. menyusahkan hati, coz terlalu ramai and no spot to set up the bbq thing, but at the end was great.

Ps. Thank you to the people sebelah pondok atu give us their kelapa sabut as our substitute for arang kan habis kali ah.. if you plan for a picnic, okay arang yang charcoal square atu, and get arang yang still raw.

Oh.. Iril got to go next pondok atu to ask if they have extra arang so we could buy it over, but instead murah hati orang sebelah atu give us the sabut kelapa.. Thank you.. The unplan situation.. Ha.ha..

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