Tuesday, June 17, 2008


On the way to work. The view of Bandar Seri Begawan. Beautiful morning. Today comment awda untuk awda about obese. Well got a few callers about that topic and received few sms-es too. Hehe.. about 61% from people worked with Perkhidmatan Awam are overweight and most probably just simply fat. And not a lot of you call in to give comments. Not sure not listening to PelangiFm at that time, or just simply ignoring it.
Now, we need to encourage people to exercise at least 3x a week for at least 20min per session. How? Well, sometimes through the segmen lah. But when it comes to that kind of topik, no one respond. But if quizes with vocher makan, yes my gosh 100% join in. What's wrong there?
Nothing wrong? Well... good for you. But if you notis something wrong, even better. Yes so you're not ignoring. Whatever it is pun, lets work together hand in hand to support people who need help to loose weight.
What can be done? What can we do? Yes.. i am talking about us.. The gov't already did their thing, and its about time for us to do our part. That is you and you and you.... First of all, you need to know what you are consuming.. is it healthy or not? Will it make me fat? Ask that question. Or will it help me maintain my weight and stay healthy?
What you can to, to love yourself. Do activities like sports, jogging, brisk walking etc. Find something to do. Go park your car far far away from the building where you work, and walk!! That is a good one. Stop wining about being fat, being obese, go do something about it. Stop drinking sodas. Start eating fruits, vegetables, fish etc. Don't starve yourself and go stress free. How? How Zura? How?
Well, go see your pakar kesihatan and ask questions about your health. What would be a good weight for you. What would be .... what would be ... what would be.... Then tell them your problem about your eating habit, etc.. go and do that.. and Insyallah they will help you. I am sure. From there have the heart to seriously help yourself before it gets worst. You're never too late for everything, as long as you start now.. GOOD LUCK. AND ALL THE BEST.

Bed is waiting for me. I am going to sleep now. Talk to you tomorrow. Night. Sweet dream... MAY ALLAH BE WITH YOU AND ME TOO.. AMIN AMIN AMIN..

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