Thursday, June 26, 2008




Just before simpang LUMUT, on the road side if you are on the way to KB it would be on your left... B$5.oo saja satu ikat. I bought 3 ikat tadi. Gave one to the nurses in MIRI for them untuk break tea, and gave one to the next door neighbour at GrandMa's. Got so many children di sana, and the children would probably enjoy it more. I got satu ikat for myself and tomorrow rabus or steam, then i will kasi half to my Grandma's..

This was tadi nie.. on the way to miri. I know they close not selling afternoon. Only pagi saja.. coz last time, i waited until i balik from MIRI and they're gone. But today, i just have to stop and buy the jagong... Reasonable price. And guess what, kan my late father used to teach in MAKTAB SAINS in Jalan Muara, when i was only 3 or 4 kali tu.. and i remember he used to tell me, kalau kan betanam jagong, gigi mesti perfect. If the gigi rumpang, then rumpang rumpang tia jua jagong atu.. but if the gigi besar besar, then same goes to the jagong. I asked him once and never ask again if it were true.

So tadi, i got a chance to ask the ladies about that.. And one of them said, inda jua semestinya.. because she have been betanam jagong for 10 years.. Amazing kan. So i got it confirmed from that ladies atu.. inda jua semestinya... So betanam lah if you have green hand.. Makes extra income...

I heard over the news from SARAWAK FM.. that the Gov't memberi green light to orang orang Perkhidmatan Awam to have license untuk bisnes kecil kecilan. That is for untuk menyara eknomi keluarga yang masa ani tidak mencukupi dengan harga barang naik. So.. that's a good news. Well for me, i am happy. I myself going to start business kecil-kecilan too ... So i like that idea. Bukan saja mengharap gaji yang diterima every month, but with that little extra work, why not..

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