Monday, June 16, 2008


OOOoooo... petang already. Wah.. how are you? I slept after work and work up at 11 ish... and shower and then lunch then went to Majistrate to get some document done. Hot today too. Good to work with Iril on HBD tadi. Lots of stories too about NEPAL. Wah.. i think you would probably think twice. Why? First, no shopping malls ya. And second.. well you get what i mean when you see the pictures.

Going to NEPAL, shopping is out of the question. If you want to see green, yes you can. Em.. the rest you just have to know what you want, then only you go to NEPAL. Iril went there and i am so proud of him because he came back shared with me and some friends too about his trip that makes me wanting to go to NEPAL and see it to believe it.

Beautiful pictures but i didn't bring my USB cable, so later i will get form him.. Exicited already, but well... Nevermind... i am still happy to hear his stories about NEPAL. Amazing. If you want to change, then its time to do something instead of just imagining. Kan.. kan....

I played one game with Iril in the Studio tadi. Em... Lamb and Tiger. Or Tiger and Lamb. Imagine what am i saying ani kan.. but i tell you, it needs full concentration to maintain. Seriously.. good game. Gold in color. As a matter of fact, i took picture of it tadi jua. But i will surely post it later. I am blogging as well as doing my bed. Yes.. i do my own bed. Sometimes only i let the amah to do it for me.

Been busy whole afternoon, but i got all done. Feel really good when you got everything done. Resah gelisah if not. Today, i don't know what you did, but i hope something good too. I need to go out later to buy ayam.. i need to goreng ayam tonite. That be the meal saja for tonight.

I had berayani rice in Serusop tadi. Very nice. Lite and plenty for one. I ate most of it and i choose the Fish Berayani Rice. Nice. I prefer fish than meat. And i like the white yougart kali, with bawang besar. Give taste bah to the meal atu. Superb!!

What did you have for lunch??

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