Sunday, June 22, 2008


Beautiful night. Full moon. I am now listening to Sheila Majid's LEGENDA THE CONCERT now.. Nice.. Reminds me of suatu ketika dulu. One song remind me of my love one too, but sadly gone already. He love white shirt, and just blue jeans. I was in my late teens.. and it was a wonderful memory.

I ever asked my mom, how does it feel if your boyfriend pass away?? Shock my mom said don't even say that... well.. well.. i was going out with this guy, and he was just so right for me. I love him dearly too... but wasn't long with him and me, he had an accident and on the dot gone. Gone forever. Forever. I just don't know what to say... It hurts.. But that time you just couldn't understand why.. Al Fatihah for him..

He was never alone. He was always with his friends and relatives. But that night, he called my cousin, wanted to talk to me.. and he never did and i never did hear him.. didn't know that was the last time... oh at that time i cannot afford mobile phone, so can't reach me... He insisted to talk to me jua, wanted to take my cousin to go over to my Grandma's house just wanted to say something... and that something i never know what..

Just a message for me that he will be gone forever.. the next morning, i was doing my laundry and just as i was about to hang the clothes, my cousins came at the front door, i remember i smiled wide and wonder what are they doing that early.. Both looked ... and they were wearing tudong.. and songkok..

Okay.. what's the story.. and i still smile and giggle and asked them what was going on.. em.. pause.. pause.. pause... then a voice said S had an accident that night, and ............ Oh NO!!! No!! tears but then i didn't believed them, you are joking right... No.. not joking.. its true..

I quickly change, rush to Tutong, and there.. there... his sisters just hug me tight, and i cried cried and cried.. Then i know how it felt when you lost your love one.. I kept seeing him on the road, well.. not him.. just seeing him.. i didn't believe he was really gone, gone forever.. he was sweet and he is gone... I am writing now and i am crying...

Another phase in my life.. Sheila Majid.. aku cinta pada mu sunggoh.. aku cinta pada mu.. cinta pada mu.. kasih...OoOOoooOOOOh... Uuuuuuuuuu..... sunggoh.. mesti kah ku ucapi dari mulut ku sendiri... aku cinta pada mu.. aku cinta.. aku cinta.... pada mu...

That was once upon a time.. He was tall, he loved white shirt, he love wearing his blue jeans, his is simple... very simple.. Once a upon a time.. something.. something ... never get to hear what that something is about.. Just a memory of him.. the sweetest time..

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