Saturday, June 21, 2008

YES.. YES ... YES...

Bukan apa. My dad passed away because of LUNGS CANCER. At the age of 55 he had that. Doctor told him that he have to quit smoking years before that because he caugh blood. And he did. I don't know why he started to smoke again.. i never get a chance to asked him. Now, that SMOKING is band in Brunei, at least the Government is SERIOUS about our people with GOOD HEALTH. Salut!!!
I have a very close friend, same age as my father. He is in Europe. He doesn't smoke. And still healthy. If only my dad did't smoke, or quit smoking, he would have been ALIVE now. Yes.. if he stop when the doctor told him to stop, he would have a chance to live few years longer. Oh well... takdir.
I went to a restaurant, and to my surprised ada masih PEOPLE yang smoke in the restaurant. If complain, then the restaurant will kena. But if not, these PEOPLE NAIK KEPALA that it would be okay to smoke in that restaurant. How ya.. the people who worked in that restaurant inda berani menagor. WHY??
When i was working in Seri Mama, ada masih people who smoke. Even di luar nya. So i have to tell them nicely that no smoking anymore. And they stop. That is because i don't want the restaurant to be in trouble, and i don't want those people to be in trouble. If the people atu inda mau stop, i have to ask them to smoke somewhere else. I was ready to tell them. But wow.. people atu immediately stop. Thank you.
Got to go now.. SHOPPING.....

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