Sunday, June 15, 2008


Yep.. right at 3.30pm.. took a boat went across ke Kampong Peramu. My friends waited for me di IDEAL and off at about 3.45pm. Round and round to look for the place, and stop twice and asked for the adress. The second time round got the address correct and just mention nama saja and already found the house.

Got to the place, and no one open the door for us. But waited jua with hope and at the same time ate my lunch. I work since 10am, ate my breakfast dua small roti kosong, drink a bottle of water. Then miss my lunch at noon so i makan lah there tadi at 4pm. At the end, one of my friend knock again on the door, a voice said yes come in and use the middle door. Got back to Yayasan at em... 6pm kali.. yes then balik rumah.. HOME SWEET HOME.

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