Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I had a meeting this morning. Awal but i came about 20 mins late. Well after sending Luqman to school, balik and sleep jap. Beautiful morning today, AW.. Luqman woke up, i went down to see him, have his breakfast and said to me.. mummy different jua hari ani.. Eh?? Question mark olehnya.. Why?....
In the car on the way, i asked why? Nya mammy makin kurus, and maikn MUDA .. YOUNG.. eh.. banar kah baby ani. Au mammy katanya. Nya okay jua kan tu sambil mengenyit mata nya and smile... WAh ..anak ku ani... Anyway Akon was on-air. He was singing along.. kan exam tu tadi pagi ah...

So i had a meeting this morning with two amazing people. Ya lah. They are just like us people doing our jobs. I don't understand saja why say.. "kami harap biskita paham.. " but alum ada explaination yang menyuroh me paham atu... Wondering jadi nya. Apa yang kan di paham kan?? Inda ku tau. Anyway thank you guys. You are looking good tadi. OH.. Thank you cicak..chut...chut.. sambil me blogging ani. I guess cicak heard it too and well again.. that's true. When you want people to paham, then explain. Bila di tanya, very secretive. Well... no comment.

So after that, terus ke clinic. Took my ubat and balik rumah. Wah.. don't really like when badan inda sehat. LOve it kalau sehat. But it seems like ramai orang not well jua. Banyak batok, banyak sakit parut, especially kanak kanak. Some went to RIPAS for drip because the children muntah muntah and cannot eat and drip tah jawapan.

yes this one... i saw rah wall dalam clinic ..

So balik you know me buat apa? I bake CHEESECAKE.. tapi inda menjadi. Rupanya my fren told me kalau buat do this, do that. Okay lah next time. Bukan nya senang baking ani... mesti ada skill lah. Atu tah yang mesti di pelajari. Em.. i love driving, i love taking pictures, i love cooking and i need to love baking. Soon jua in the list tu. Cakap Bahasa Tutong satu, Baking satu, Travelling to Egypt satu, that Luqman have to come with me because he wanted to see the prymid.. okay in the list jua.. em.. What else.. ????????

I did well on the mixing part.. the baking fail.Huh...Cheesecake become too hard lah!!

All and all, i have a great day today. Meeting learn new things. Clinic get ubat. Baking not menjadi.. nevermind .. ha.ha.a.a. and now blogging. A very interesting day today. Some said, its not going to rain forever.. true true.....

Latest, my blog ani kena now kena monitor. Well who? I am not going to tell.. But i tell you ... i hope you paham... He.he... cute eh. Anyway, that's nice to know that someone care jua. Reading your blog makes you very special too. At least inda sia sia membloging. That's sweet. And i thank you again for reading. Some would print it out and highlight it, and that's good too. Sometimes you can use my blog to do research about human behaviour.

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