Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I am so overly exicited. Iril is back in Bangkok today. He text me "Akum. Just landed in bangkok. Nepal was amazing. Will tell you more when i sEe you. Big project. How are you?"...... I asked him if he took pictures. And he replied me "Of course i took pictures. Start saving. Come with me to nepal. You'll change as a person. I stop smoking!"... Gosh! I just text him now, and he replied "Ni bru ku check in. Worn out eh. Good for you starting your business. You've been through it before, but i think you should aim bigger and higher... " And yes i started to think big. I smile and i dream immediately. I wish my dream come true.

I am so excited and i will wait for his return. And insyallah ask his permission to post some pictures he took when he was out in NEPAL here in my blog. How very interesting to visit NEPAL. Of all the places, NEPAL Iril choose to go. He paid for his own trips. I do too. Inda kena bayarkan tu. Bukan nya free and that's why we appreciate the trip the moment we land. We don't just go for shopping, but to see the beautiful city and meet new people. The atmosphere, the people, the food, the way of living and everything. From there we get to appreciate life.

OH well... i am saving up for Egypt with Luqman too. He got to do real well in school then plan for Egypt. Yes.. with Iril to NEPAL. Need to go places that people don't go for holiday. Got to see it too.. Iril made it, and we will too...

What's your next destinations? Let me know ya... Take care. I am going to sleep now. Good that Iril text me, have a good rest Iril and hope to see you in Brunei. And for you, lets think what would be the next destinations and how you going to get there and how much budget you going to take with you... Plan to go for shopping or sightseeing... All that for you to think about.


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