Wednesday, June 4, 2008


How to get the card atu?? Well you got to come early and get the card lah. Simple saja the answer kan. Welldone!!! Yes i got to RTB right before 7am. Woke up early tadi, send Luqman to school and then terus ke RTB. If i go back, well... probably i be caught in a trafik jam and ahem.. that for sure i woun't get parking space lah. But datang awal, everything done smoothly. Park my car, nice.. get the number.. nice... then proceed with the blood test..nice.. then check my weight and ketingginan and waist too..nice.. then blood pressure.. nice.. and last the gigi..nice. All smooth. And everything was excellent!! Ther serivice was excellent. Should do this once a year.

Ps. i think best to take blood test in the morning. All urat easy to cari loh. Em.. kalau petang atu, bah... masok tidor tia sudah the urat atu. Oh well.... The one who took my blood tadi was very good. Inda ku terasa ani bah.. its either i'm numb or memang inda terasa... haha5..

on our way to the other room..hehe.. card holder #4 tu with me..

WALA!! the room..

wadoh!!! my weight is 56kg... aaaaaaaaa. Pinggang extra... normal for woman should be .08. but me??? aaaaaaa...... 0.89aaaaaaaaaaa.aaaaaa labih lamak!!

Counselling.. about health not STRESS OR PERSONAL PROBLEM!!!

Pressure normal..


ah.. next for the gigi..

yes doctor... au... cabot eh dulu masa kecil.. gigi burok masa atu. dulu takut dentist but now mari tia.. going for a check up is my favourite. on the top5 list...

Yup.. checking all. bukan saja gigi.. but the gusi and dinding mulut...aaaaaa

yup.. just to check ada apt or not for gigi.. but well m okay.. inda payah tah. Just reminding me to go see dentist every once in 6 months... okay sir...

explaining about penjagaan gigi!!!! nice..

em.. yup ani lah contoh gigi yang sempurna and just look at the toothbrush atu, that's what keep the gigi sempurna.. if you like, can ask the ladies where to get one.... any type of gigi okay.. haha5... jangan marah eh. baibun saja....



Oh the tablet. For gigi nie. Jangan tah iski. Bukan vitamin nie and bukan VIAGRA nei. Bukan supplement.. bukan untuk awet muda and bukan birth control pil and bukan pil untuk kegunaan lain wanita.. ha.ha... just a pink tablet, untuk di kunyah then liat tia taie gigi yang lakat rah gigi where you can remove when you see it. i like that!!!

Last untuk today, after all done, then balik to get your folder on kesihatan. Tells you all about what type of food to take, em.. what kind of exercise to take and all. So.. oh!! did you see the arrow. During the taklimat kesihatan, that lady was one of the speaker and i tell you... whenever people talk about check darah, i always remember what she said that day.. "kalau biskita kan minum air kelapa, baik tah jangan becheck darah. nada point nya tu.." and you know what about air kelapa, well some poeple think by taking air kelapa is going to clear something in the urine lah apa lah.. but for blood test, better not. Ganggu for the cholestrol and sugar in you body. So bila kena suroh PUASA 24 HOURS, BETTER FOLLOW WHAT THE DOC SAY IN ORDER FOR YOU TO HAVE A CLEAR VISION (vision atu paham paham lah ya.. ) ABOUT YOUR BLOOT TEST.... okay tu???

I arrived at just almost 7am and done with everything at 8.30am. The check up start at 7.45am and on the dot. All i have to say, on this Tueasday beautiful morning, all the people tadi was so ceria and love to see all smiling. Love it!! The service given tadi was SUPER EXCELLENT!!! WELLDONE you guys!!!!! And thank you too....

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