Monday, February 14, 2011


From Dr Oz's Tips.
  1. Start each day with stretching. Dr. Oz says he begins his morning with 7 minutes of yoga.
  2. Eat breakfast.
  3. Get to work, appointments, classes, etc., 5 minutes early.

from other sources :)

  1. Enough sleep
  2. Enough sleep (you probably heard this 100x, but seriously enough sleep for 8 hours a day)
  3. Warm shower.
  4. Start with Prayer and Doa too
  5. Listening to good music.
  6. Exercise - best in the morning too..
  7. Eat balance breakfast.

Remember not to read newspaper and watch tv. It could ruin your good mood in the morning. Then? When would be the best time to read newspaper? Hahah!!

Whatever it is, just start your day with everything good, positive thinking, do something to make you happier, and whatever it is jua.. don't forget to SMILE. That brighten your day and them too...

Say i love you when you need to.

Hugs when you want, of course with permission, karang kena TAMPAR ... hahah.. that would change the whole view..

KISS (only for husband and wifeyyyy... ) if you need too, AND MAKE SURE NOT KISS the wrong person.

Make sure all in all you know what you're doing. And know what you here for too...

Happy selalu!

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