Thursday, February 10, 2011


Haha... slept at 9pm last night. Was ready in bed at 8.45pm. Read bood THINK AND GROW RICH by NAPOLEON HILL for 15 min.. and yes sleep at 9pm. Setting my alarm at 4.45am for my morning shift.. ... but no no no.. i woke up at 2pm to be exact and that was because of my dream. Oh my dream? Travelling but then i know i set the alarm to wake up, and alarm rang.. still in my dream. That when i woke up at 2pm.

Can you believe, it was dark, and i was counting the hours with my fingers to count the hours i slept. Unfortunately from 9pm to 2am.. mmmm 4 hours only...!!! I need another 4 hours .. where got? NO HAVE lah.. i tidor-tidor ayam jadi nya. HIYA! I can't have my deep sleep. My mind was already worried because i don't want to be waking up late than the time is set. You know lah.. human error ani. Kadang if it happen, ooooohohoh.. your boss be marah you're not on, rupanya sleep.. inda tebangun.. Hahahahhahah!!

I slept, deep sleep for that four hours but then the rest is history lah. Does that happen to you? Mind is already set .. so another four hours i just sleep and bangun, sleep and bangun .. sleep and bangun.. like i am the only pulang looking after my alarm clock! Hahah.. that i have to laugh it out loud. What to do? ..

Gara-gara mau tidor 8 jam, nah.

I am having a bottle of water and the SALAT-PLUS KERNIGE VIELFALT. gOOd Morning to you too..

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