Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just about Yesterday and Day before ...

A short trip was something. I am back. But it was nothing. Ah? Yes. In reality people LOVE to talk about themselves. Did you notice it too? Yes.. true. I agree with you. I MYSELF too inda terkecuali. Well, what to do, afterall we are human and we wanted to be notice kali. Haha!!

Yup, i am laughing now. My body is aching. I guess been driving, and doing so many thing at one time. Thinking too much also one of the factor until i have to read this book about woman think too much. Oh? Only woman? Is there a abook about men thinking too much too? Or another topic for men perhaps? Ada.. patut cari saja.

Woke up this morning. Last nite was another day that i know i will not see again. You too.. never ever. That was your day, and you should, could have spend it wisely and with something that will make you stronger and that will give you strength to be a new person every coming new day. Wah.. Yes true tu.

I ate seafood, wah ordered 'katam kalok' = 'crab' about 4 pieces BIG ONES too. Boil prawn but still got that 'taie' and that makes it still high cholesterol when you sucks it out, tumis chankok manis only with garlic and corn sup with crab stick. I ordered one lime juice and one green apple juice. My friends ordered one orange juice and one can of flower tea. Yes we ate like ...

We enjoyed it so much. Problem one of my friend was alergic to seafood, but he did bring his own medication for it. And another friend was on the burge of having her period. Lots of pimples on her face. Fresh one too but i know its not going to stay there long, because she don't usually have pimples. Of course yesterday blood flowing 'like tap water?' Hahha!!! Too detail ah, but yes we did mention one name that knows and wount be surprise about this conversation. Hahhahhhahha! And me?

Yes me. About me? Oh i ate seafood and the effect it give me was a stomach ached. Yes so true. What to do. Plan so many things to do when we were away, but we end up in the hotel room. One with emotion problem, one with 'dot dot' that appeared on my friend's skin, and me in and out of the toilet. Yes, i got stomach poison, i think. hahah!! apa lah my englis ah. Berabis.

So end up sleep early. And i woke up in the middle of the night feeling feverish. I woke up one of my friend just to let my friend knows that i will be spending my time in the toilet. I was afraid i would colapse, luckily i didn't. Good to know hah!

So woke up at 2am. I think we slept early. And all my friends ending up with not sleeping until about 4am. Wah.. One is always hungry. I don't know. Inda baca Bismillah kali. hahah!! Inda beranti makan nya. Serious.

Morning comes, had breakfast, check out from hotel. Off to get few things. And drove back. It was just a short trip, but a good one. Not a messy one with full of attitudes. Half way received texts from mother. I said i be there in 15 min. Yes of course to remind me the 100 days. Back home and change to more appropriate attire. Attended the 100 days, done and zoom to send another friend home. Pick up my mom's order on the way and back again to give her order. Bubur in Serusop.

Full day for me but it was worth it. At night time, back home, vacum the living room, all the way to the hall and rooms. Better. I wanted to read my book, but just didn't have the time. Pray and then sleep.

Now here i am, awake. In a minute be going to UBD for a session on Social Issues. Woke up early, took shower, pray and sit for few doa. Alhamdulillah 100x Surah Al Ikhlas for me this morning and a few zikir.

How about you? Well.... just remember we will not see this day again ones its over. Oh Al Fatihah to a friend of a friend. She texted me last night, said that for all the time we spend during the trip, one topic was about death. And she said, she called one of her friend, someone answered and said that friend of hers just passed away last week while that friend was sitting. Ajal siapa tau. So she told me. I felt like its a sign.

A sign to realize, no matter who you are and how old you are, ajal will come to you and you will not know it. And that we have to be prepared. I told that to myself. I have not done enough yet to say i am ready to go. There will never be enough from me. I felt that i still have so much to do. I am not ready to go. And i hope and pray, not only for me, also for us to sentiasa dalam lindungan Allah and always dalam bertaqwa dan dalam iman now, and even when ajal tiba.

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