Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Different people have got different effectnya when listening to radio. Or reading newspaper. Or when hearing stories from other people. Or even when reading novels. Heheh... I may hear it like this, you might hear it like that. And others will be like others' way. I may see it like this, you may see it like that.. and of course others .. yup. I am glad you got it. Good for you.

We got same pairs of ears (probably different size, i know mine is the smallest), pairs of eyes (different shapes), and lips and nose. One head and one body with a pair or arms and legs. One lidah (tongue), many-many gigi (that all depends on how many gigi you have), let me count mine, how many i have left. OH no.. i got 28 left.

Flashback ...

Hahaha.. i lost 2. Actually i lost 2 when i was young. I remember only one kena cabot but the other one i don't remember how it got missing.. hahah.. Missing? No lah, just don't reemmber when the other one pull out. Burok gigi ani yang di belakang sekali. Barangkali. But i was only in primary 4 in Pusar ULak that time.

I don't know if my gigi was really that burok that the dentist had to pulled it out and left it kosong for what? Long long years until i started to wear braces. And two was removed because of my braces. I need to remove four acutally, but then since two gone earlier, i only remove two more.

Oh i just want to tell you, i hated dentist. I hate the pain and that's why i hate the dentist. I thought when i young, the cause of the pain was from the dentist. Hahha... i didn't have any idea at all. I guess dentist makes it worst. But now.. hahah!! I am loving it. Making my appointment is a must for my gigi. Now done with bracesses, my 28 teeth left got all tuck together.

Okay now.. while i was in my car, listening to one of the radio station.When i listen to it, yes it affect me so much in a good way. Songs sometime like tau-tau saja. When you're like this, when you're like that, and it will affect you in your way the way your heart felt. It make you felt it strongly .. believe me. Hiya!! no need lah to believe me, i know you too felt it.

Bukan saja yang happy, yang sad songs, also songs with advice lyrics. Wah.. taim you're alone, yes.. that's the time. To the point you sang along, and you cry. Sebak menanyikan bersama. Like you sang that song seolah-olah berdoa too. Amazing.

Just something to share..

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