Monday, February 7, 2011


Orang Muda
Masa Muda
Siapa Pikir
Mana Ada

Haha.. tekenang kan sudah beranak pinak ani. Do you
remember when was the last time you were really happy
discussing something? Cali nie.. get ready.

Ingat you dulu.. when you first meet? Wah.. when your
love first bloom? Ingat you? Ingat when you were talking
about love .. how your love would last if 'you and i were
together'.. ingat?

Masih kah kau ingat .. la la la la la... ?

So what i am about to say ani, actually ... when were
young, we fall inlove and out of love. And finally found
our soulmate.... jeng! jeng! jeng!

Sweet ... sweet jua eh when we remember those times kan.
We remember to settle down eeeee etc. Wah ... cerah masa
depan usulnya. Both single and curios what life has to
offer. Wow!!

Then it begun. Mula-mula cinta berputik. You know your
soulMATe. Then bekawin-kawinan. Happy.. this that was
everything goes your way and all the way.

Nah.. from here tah ada yang last and ada yang end fast
jua. But then who to blame. Nada except each other or
even i can point you, or perhaps me. Not orang lain.

Anyway.. cut story short because time not enough. !! Hah!
Au pandai tah you cakap orang putih atu. Lurus kan saja
tia untuk pembacaan you.

So .. anyway. Do you remember when you all discuss of
having a baby. ... ah.. awww... 'i want our baby look like
you, pretty like you.' 'i want our baby to have eyes like
you.' AisEH!!!! bukan main eh.

Sambong lagi.. 'i want our baby to be as tall as you.' or 'i
want our baby to have hair like you, beautiful toh.' dan
banyak lagi lah. You? Apa yang you remember? Ada ?
Aiseh!! Siok kan..

Ia tah...

Siok banar kan....

so, have you ever ask each other who will support 'our baby' ani? Like all the baby things etc, food etc, growing up barang barang etc.. and school books and school fees and ALL. Em.. who will send 'our baby' to school and pick up, tuition etc and who will cook and do laundry etc? Have you ever disscuss about that?

Oh well... ya lah. THAT'S YANG MISSING ATU.

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