Saturday, February 26, 2011


When you think you know, but you don't know. That's is one thing that should not be in your mind. However long it is, you will never know. You, yourself don't know you, and how can you say you know the other. Just you assume.

Its not easy to understand human behaviour. You got to learn and study. One year, two year or whatever year, you will always learn. You will not know what would be next. Yes, it is very challanging. At the end of the day, you learn only about today and tomorrow will be just a mystery.

I would not be able to read and to understand one and to even tell another that i understand and know. I don't even know me. How can you know me? I don't know you. Just ya.. the outer layer but not that personal. Yes you know my name, my family and what i do. I also know you like that. But that doesn't mean it gives me the right to say everything about you and what i said is going to be true.

When you see one, what do you think? What would be your 1st impression? You like and dislike? Why? Of course many reason. May be the appearance? May be color? May be the looks? May be the behaviour? May be the communication? Loud? Proud? Too Ego? Many reasons. You name it, you know it.

Go out.. go out with your friends. See? See? The reactions and behaviour be different from yours. May be feeling superior that makes one think one's better. I don't know. Maybe you know. Tell me.

Haha.. that's funny. When you have too many friends, yes its good. But you got to see what type of friends? Many many .. hahah.. attitude out there and that including you. Yes me too. So sometimes friends killing you softly too. Yes, you know what i mean. Be alert. When you feel its there.. bah.. cool off.

What type of friends you like? We have to have friends. Incase you could not find a good one, or the one you like or prefer to hang out with, what would you rather do? Be alone or stick to the family and your mom or dad be your friend?

Many types of friend. Sometimes OVER also ada. That be too much. Irritating, annoying pun ada jua. I am not going to touch on that because i am still learning. And in the process of writing about FRIENDS. Yes.. interesting though sound common kan. Its a topic to study. Deeper version like reality. Hahah.. its not like you expect would be. But hey.. that is friend.

I attended a session this morning. Very interesting topic to talk about from all individual representing from different agencies. I see that everybody seems to see the same thing. Now .. how to keep that moving. Usually things like this we heard so much. But no action really done. But it was a topic that needed help to help our society to be better. Its not that we are free from problems other countries have, we do have too, but ours is not as severe. Probably the tooth decay haha.. health concern barangkali. Many more.

But it was very good to hear everybody have own saying about it. I think this is a good start. It will eventually build up. Looking forward what would be the outcome by end of 2011. Nothing is easy, easy said, but not done. Need to have a proper channel and contribution and a lot more from eveybody. Very interesting.

Oh i just had my vanilla ice cream. I think i am going to do my walk and light running on trademill after this. I wanted to do earlier, but i just have to have my VANILLA ICE CREAM. Yummy at the moment the JUNIOR MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA is on tv now. Wowo.. cakes!!! I want one slice of that. Hebat!

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