Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Takajut when i heard the news atu. What happen? You know life is not going to be kind. You got to get tough to get a life that you want. Its not easy. But what actually happen? I know the last time i saw you was on the road. You were driving a white car and driving towards the roundbout Qlap. And you wave at me. The next few days you text me and told me that you got a new number.. I didnt text you back, but i save your number.

So what's all this wanted thing? Are you around? Are you in town? Wow.. may be you're not in town. What happen? Did you witnessed something that you're wanted or did you do something that makes you WANTED? ... i don't know. Only you know.

Wah.. macam banar aku ah. Becakap dengan orang wanted. Mana tau ia baca my blog?? Mana tau lah. Well life is not friendly to you, but go and get tough will give you a life. But not tough like tough something else, but tough in every good way and bad way for good reasons for have a great life, yes.. why not.

People go through the lives in their own way. Own style and own perspective on whatever there is for them to think about and look. Me.. i have my own and you? You have your own too. Tough luck.. well, that if you loose. But that doesn't mean you loose lah. No harm, coba lagi.. Why not!

i need your love
God speed you love
to ... mmmm ... me.. (oh yes listening GOLD)

Oh my late dady's fave...

and now
so i face the final curtain
my friend... mmm....
which i 'm certain..
i live a life ....
travel each way on every highway..
i did it my way...

Oh... laju jua. This is a perfect song for my late daddy. Ada meaning, i m sure, that's why his fave. ... More much more than this .... i did it my way. Yes there was time, i m sure you know... I miss him. Al Fatihah babah.. He sang this song loud and proud!

Anyway.. about WANTED. What happen? Was life treating you bad? Was it what???? Well.. nothing i can say more than this, just wish everything's well. You can run.. But how far can you run?

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