Monday, September 13, 2010


Been beraya ... been working. Sampai i met someone at the hallway tadi, eh.. lurus kah your duty schedule atu? Haha!! I laugh out loud because like everyday terserampak with that person. But no lah.. ngam ngam jua deh terserampak, that's why macam selalu.

Just want to let you know, i saw a lot of blue today. Well... since 1st raya, 2nd, 3rd and now. I'm telling you, i saw a lot of blue. More blue color.. light blue, dark blue, jewel blue, sea blue, sky blue .. blue .. blue .. blue and blue today.. Other colors are just probably 5%.

Is it the IN color this year?

Sajok with blue. So what color did you see most? Haha.. let me know. Psst.. you know ... i don't know if you noticed it too.. since that day, one beautiful lady wore the blue kurong, wow.. i must say, the blue color was so right, tone was so perfect, just simply beautiful, she wore it so flawless, so beautiful, so so so .... amazing. And that day, i saw blue. Blue is the in color now. Went to weddings, and even the flower girl wore that blue. Just amazing. Blue .. blue..

Now, i felt like a must have blue kurong too...#4@!!!?

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