Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Counting Days

After that.. i got few texts telling me the same story. Almost the same. But this has nothing to do with syabu. Oh well...

One two three in counting. I am counting the days.. Today i witnessed something .. something that we should not be too sombong to people. Not sombong lah.. we are living with masyarakat keliling us, us as one of them too. We support each other lah.

Now we sihat, yes.. we can do it all ourselves. But imagine when you're not sihat, someone got to do things for you. I realized ada jua yang suka menghasut in that condition, just to memanaskan hati, but for what? Adoi.. bari ijap. Like i can see so clear.

Satu lagi, jangan tah ada sampai gadoh gadoh sesama kitani. Because why? because you might need help one day.. help from that person jua. Or maybe anak anak nya yang help you. Or you might be help by them jua.. Jangan tah ada persengketaan antara sesama. Biar lah hidup harmoni.

If you have that problem, then try to find solution how to settle that problem. That wajib di usahakan lah. I see it and i can't explain. Migrain ku tarus. Dari ku di CCU tadi. Oh .. it was a long day for me today.

I am actually sleepy. I am going to take my beauty sleep. I'll continue again later. NIte.

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