Friday, September 24, 2010


I got a feed back from what i wrote about the sex scandals one roof. Some .. some shared thier problem too. Gosh.. i don't want you to look for me for this. Try to find out how to do this really.. to help the girls yang victims of this abuse.

One said, the brother in-law 'tampar-tampar sayang' on her 'cipap' while sleeping. And yes brother in-law for sure. She was 16 and wonder why would her brother in-law did that. Twice.. the next morning she told her mother that she wants to move out from the house. But didn't tell her mother about what had happened.

Another one said, brother in-law went in her room, betuala-tuala and 'ampai-ampai' nya the Coc*!!! She wonder why would he do that.. and then her sister masok, cepat cepat ia cover tarus.

Another said, her nenek jalan dekat dekat and geselkan his hard c**k arah badan nya, while in the kitchen. And ask her to hold his co*k.

Another said, her uncle sat outside in the living room, everybody were sleeping, and flashing his c**k... malu ia.

I am sad to hear stories like this. Now some yang told me are married dah. They have this dirty secrets, that they have to live with forever. I can't imagine.

But whatever happens, need to find a HOTLINE NUMBER for these people or the younger one who faced this problems and get things straight. I wonder if anyone care? And i wonder if the confidential is really CONFIDENTIAL. You know lah... you know i know also.

So ... I wish someone would come up with a number HOTLINE for HELP THE ABUSED and aired all the time. So someone can call and straighten things up.

I guess that's why these people loose respect of their older ones because of 'kecabulan' yang di lakukan terhadap mereka when they were children and nobody help them. Nobody... They live with this bitterness and so undeserving or forgiveness forever, no directions to where they can reach for help. Hate is their friend. Was Hate.. now HATE!! Kecian kan..

So, sometime when you see people bullied you, well they were once bullied. To them its okay and normal, because they were the victims too. Hated their life so much. That they can't see people happy. So that's why they hate you.

But little did they know, that all of us got issues. And what's the issues, we only know. That's the secret we have.

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