Monday, September 6, 2010

The Power OF LOVE

Afternoon i went to SupaSave. I saw this couple with a toddler. Wife looked so fresh and beautiful. I mean beautiful I saw her, and i think person next to me saw her and people saw her. She smile, she laugh with her husband. My gosh!! i got to say this, i looked at her, i feel fresh. Her smile and laughter was so contagious that i felt that love inside me. If i were crazy enough, i would have told her that she looks beautiful. I meant it. Seriously beautiful. So natural her beauty, so youthful her smile, it is as a PERFECT COUPLE OF THE YEAR 2010. That's serious. Do you know how that look? And do you know how that feel?

The power of her smile, lingers in my mind. so weird, but i really needed that feeling just now. Luckily Angels are around to protect us, with fasting, Allah knows us better. Cobaan dugaan yang di beri, kita merasa melalui until that limit, nah.. di perlihatkan nya seorang wanita (istri) dengan senyuman. I felt it and i was grateful. Until now, i terbayang betapa happy nya couple atu tadi, especially wife nya senyum with senyuman yang masya-Allah beautiful.

I am not sure if you can feel what i feel, but i hope you can feel at least a bit of it. Its those time, that time when you feel ..OH!! super uncontrollable feeling, like upset etc, i guess body tired kali, and just that moment jua you will hear voices.. voices coincidentally when you felt that horrible feeling, you will hear a good word just to remind you that life is not that bad as you think you might felt that moment. Do you get it? Well.. you will know what i meant.

I just wanted to share, no matter how you felt, no matter what you going through and what you've been through right now, just take it as it flow, and don't forget to say Alhamdulillah dengan ikhlas dan tenang. You know why? Allah have plans for us. And When you're given such a difficult task in your life, that you feel you can't do or go through, actually, you can. Allah loves you so much, that Allah wanted to show you something better after that. Its like, when you want something, you have to work on it baby. Its not going to come like that for FREE or easy.

So, that you know, though we don't know whats for us, but Allah have the best plan for us that's far more better than we plan. Alhamdulillah. Don't forget. For woman out there, if you're not happy with keadaan etc, please do baca astaghfirullahal'azhim (Aku mohon ampunan-Mu ya Allah Yang Maha Agung) as many times as possible. Very important.. you will feel ketenangan. Seriously..

As i said, woman with unconditional love, i tell you, you sure don't have to try whatsoever product of beauty out there, its that LOVE DEEPLY AND THE TLC you got from your hubby or someone you love that love you more than you love that person, will make you a SUPER NATURAL BEAUTIFUL WOMAN that you could never ever imagine.

Oh i am so happy. In my heart, deep in my heart, i am super happy. That's the impact when you looked at someone's HAPPINESS. This woman just give me that loving feeling again, she herself didn't know this, but those happy feeling with a smile so youthful and just so STRESSFREE makes her the GREAT PERSON for today for me!


That is one HEALTHY HABIT that we need to have in our everyday life. I AGREE!! DO YOU?

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