Monday, September 20, 2010


X-Rated. Not for children under 18.


Ada orang pakai syabu untuk menenangkan fikiran, ada pakai
syabu untuk memberikan semangat, ada yang pakai syabu
untuk menguruskan badan. Yang pakai syabu macam macam
lah alasan untuk kesusuaian pemakaian bagi setiap individu
untuk memakainya.

Syabu dan impaknya. Inda ku pernah merasa apa yang di
rasakan oleh orang besyabu, tapi bila ku tanya jawapan nya
sama saja. So inda payah tah kan di coba.

Some girls would use syabu for exitement.. au banar excitement
eh. And some girls would use syabu for slimming down. Can
you imagine? What was running through their mind?

For male.. use syabu for whatever it is. Also not sure what goes
through in their mind. But here's a story. A story that i could
not believe but have to believed it because it is so true.

It is a secret. I woun't let you know this person is. It remained a
secret. I wanted to share in this story what syabu can do
to you and your family.

Its a family scandal. How's that..

It was a secret telling time. Some you can korek stories when
people are drunk, some you can dig the darkest secret ever, stories and go deep into
the skeleton in the closet. How?

When you get really confortable and trusting each
other. TRUST is important. And sometimes you just trust someone else rather than your family or your other half. Wonder jua why and what's with that?

Guilt. Its probably the guilt growing inside that makes this person just can't seem to find the answer how to ask for forgiveness. Shared the darkest secret ever,
the story untold and now told .. heheh.. Only with me. I think it makes it lighter. No one knows, only this person knows until now.. i know. Can you imagine.

So what i am about to share, do just keep it in your mind and
soul. And just know that nothing in life is perfect though it
looked perfect. And i hope you will learn something out from
this. After all, we all do have skeletons in our closet.

Psst... i don't only got one story, i got a few.. will share it along soon. How can you make people trust you? Trust with life. At least one know to tell the story one day.. one day when we grow old...

Syabu and what it can do to you.

When you got sisters, you are very lucky. You have someone to
share your life stories with. You trust your sisters. Staying in
roof until you reach puberty and until you got married. That
too, either you stayed with your family after marriage or you
move out.

Sometimes, you woun't expect the unexpected. You hope and
wish for a good life after marriage. Yeah.. we heard about
scandals among some people ... married people with other
party. But can you imagine scandals at home? At the very home
you're living.

It's actually happening at the tip of your nose?
And you yourself can't smell it. Why? And you got that feeling,
your said its your instinct. Well that instinct could be true and
could be the worst nightmare. And that nightmare will live with you till the last breath you breathe.

Married couple. This guy are always on drugs (nothing good when you take the illigal drugs) Whatever kind of drugs, yes all dah coba. Even sell some poison to
other people too. That was the past. And married early too..

Past hunts you and will you ever forgive yourself?

Wife works. Families works. Sister finish study at the UNI. On
break looking for jobs. At home doing the house work. Husband
at home, not working, jobless.. at that time. Got children and at
home. Sisters looking after them. Wearing pjyamas of course
lah at home, who would expect some intruder would jump in
and ......

So intoxicated with syabu, the impact ... mmm.. not looking
good. Syabu is also use to boost your sex life. Em.. yup frankly,
some enjoyed it for good sex. Ketahanan and staminar when
beraksi. Well.. they said its like more than one hour to two
hours and if you are taking syabu, for the girls giving the BJ is
the best. Now .. this is use for sex. Yang lain use for other

So.. at first a different dark secret shared. Then this one. This
caught my attention. Syabu.. pemusnah keluarga, pemusnah
perasaan, pemusnah kehidupan.

Syabu dan impacknya
Nafsu ...
Peeping her when she took her shower.
Turn him on. At first, while she slept, he went into her room. Slide his hands
inside her and touch tip of her vagina. She woke up, but said ..
'what are you doing? ... Don't do that...' - She didn't react much.
And he went out. In his mind.. if he can touch her, and no
reaction .. GREEN LIGHT.

After a month later.. still rutin doing laundry, wearing pjymas. Children
were outside - he grab her from behind, pressed himself body to
body and that hard thing press upon her back and she said
'don't.. don't do it..'. He became really outrageously out of
control, just wanted to sex her up. She said 'don't .. somebody
going to see...!' he pulled down her pjymas, his hands slipped
under, kisses her all over, and slide into her. She moan and cried
in tears while he was doing her.. (gosh my heartbeat beats fast
eh.. haha)!!

Virgin rupanya .. She was a virgin. She was the older sister. She bled and said ...
'don't you ever touch me. Don't you ever do it again..' ... he
screwed her for an hour!!! OMG! Tell me ah..

And you know what, that wasn't the last. They have been
having sex till she got married. They did it in the toilet, while showering etc..
It more than bebelasan times. And spend many many hours sexing!!
Who to blame? Who would expect in your own home. In her bed, in his bed.. and everywhere in the house. Nobody was in the house. Who would expect? Nobody see..

okay.. what does that mean? I mean, staying in one roof,
making love to your wife and screwing your sister in-law?
Okay... where is the love?

Do men really think with that head? Oh.. please prove me

So anyway.. wife got this instinct. But husband not approving
with that instinct. It nonsense he said. Now... got to be very
careful, so they didn't get caught. Sepandai pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatoh juga tu.. bila? Dunow.

At first the sister were terrified, because yes.. she was a virgin.
But i wonder if she have feeling to towards her sister's husband?
mmm.. that only she knows.

Sister share baju, okay lah. Share seluar dalam pun masih okay. Share baju dalam pun okay jua. Sama sama makan same plate pun okay.. but when sister share her feelings with her sister's husband? Well..

She said, it was painful at first, but then she kind of like what he did to her for the rest of the betrayal process... to her sister and her families. And the
husband .. guilt built makes it worst. And mind you, still
staying in same roof.

Now that she's married, they stop doing it. Yup.. yes married.
Her husband didn't know and even sister too. Kept it secret and
they go on with life everyday normal and seem perfect.

Still in the same roof. Will it ever happen again? Will this scenario
ignite lagi nanti? That only them know.

YOu figure that out.. Have you learn anything from this story?

This is in one roof only. She's working, her sister working,
husband of her sister working and he himself the husband of
this one.. pun working. Looked happily ever after, but there's
this dark secret only me knows.. And yes, i will keep it secret.

Something i share, that i thought siblings would make you
happy, respect you in every way (though you don't ask for that respect)
but hey, rupanya ada jua duri dalam rumah,and its your own blood lagi.

Be very careful. Living together for so long in harmoni ...
now everybody grown up, starting own
life with families, with strangers just join into your families, i
hope it maintain to be harmoni. Atu inlaws, alum lagi orang
luar seperti pembantu.

You never want to think about this happening to you, but hey it
happen. And you just have to be very careful. You got a choice.
Take action.

Don't let strangers ruin your beautiful life with
your families. Its crazy for me to share this but i hope you
learn something.

Staying together, jaga baju, jangan sampai
membari tais liur. No eye contacts with in-laws lah. Pelik tu.
Becareful with terlalu ramah with in-laws jua. Ada had and limit.
Lain karang cerita. Bukan main main ni. Serious ya.

When someone did something, something is BETRAYAL and
he/she can get away with that, to him/her its okay to do it. So..
to you and me .. i hope it never happen to our families. Doa lah
saja.. agar di jauhi dari segala bala. Who knows?

Dia yang bisa membuatmu tersenyum,
bisa juga membuatmu menangis.
Tetaplah berhati-hati


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7th Sign said...

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