Friday, September 24, 2010

Congrats My Friend!

I am listening to Norah Jones The Fall... nice and easy. I can't believe my friend menimang baby girl. Oh.. so sweet. So sweet. I wish to have baby girl too. I have one boy, and wish to have baby girl too with my hubby.

Hearing people menimang baby, babies... wow. nice. I don't know if i want want. And i don't know if my hubby want one too.. Haha.. i rather not talk about it. But hey.. it was a great surprise when i knew my friend welcomed a new member in the family. I thought one girl saja. You're so lucky. Eh.. tapi cepat jua buat? Hahah...

au ah... nine months kan tu. That's right.

Well, you got to be really inlove to have one child in this world. No money pun i think you can survive lah. But no child.. no not really. Entah apa ku cakap ani kan. No money, like not so much, well.. a struggle jua to bring up children. You got to be able to bring them up, prepare everything once you have them till they turn 21 . That would be their years, not you anymore.

Oh.. am i glad to hear the news that my friend got a baby girl. I am glad i know the baby's name in advance lagi tu.. but ganya i didn't know, banar kah inda jua, not sure, there would be baby, baby girl lagi. Confirmed! and Congrats!!!! Congratts!!! Oh. May Allah bless you and family my friend. Take good care of you.

Though we don't meet anymore.. but i hear news about you. Great news all the time. Wish everything well and wish one day we could meet again. It's been a while, but hey.. i am glad. I am really glad. Hugs and kisses for dearest baby BR. Cute too. Heheh..

I am sure your hubby love you. And i am sure you love him too... Jeles ku. Mesti buat baby nie.. Haha. Need to discuss this with my beloved hubby. Wonder what he thinks about having another child. Adding one more in the family. I miss those time. I miss having a small one in the family. Haha... Cali eh

Apa yang a bit cali, relationship was like ombak ombang ambing, but one beautiful baby girl the angel was sent by God to make this relationship work. Insya-Allah with doa and prayer, relationship will be better than you expect.

Hiya.. i miss my hubby eh!!! haha.

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